Friday, July 26, 2013

Posy Herringbone Quilt

I had some stripy leftovers from this quilt and wanted to try something improv with them so that I could use up as much of this adorable fabric as possible!

So I just started... It took me a second and some looking through pictures to figure out how to do a herringbone but it came together!  I decided on five different lengths of herringbones and was able to use almost all of my scraps!  And it looks just as beautiful as the first quilt!  I don't want "scraps" to get a bad rap, cause they usually turn out even better than the first project with me.


I backed it with a pink oval elements and a print from luxe in bloom.  I tried to use what I had in my stash for this quilt!  And I was mostly successful... Any reason to buy fabric and I usually will, so I bought binding.  

I then quilted it with a free motion chevron.  It's nice and organic and works way better than the walking foot... I need to figure out straight lines and the walking foot.  I've got two quilts I want to straight line quilt ... Hoping to long arm them at a friend's house.


  1. Great quilt and the color of your background fabric go so well together.

  2. In the midst of a project similar to this. Would you mind sharing your measurements? Namely the width of the strips and the spacing between them? Thank you.