Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tinsel + Score No. 7

Is it too early for a Christmas quilt on my couch?!  Cause I'm in love with this guy.  I purchased Sherry Lynn Wood's new book, the improv handbook for modern quilters and have been dying to jump in!  (I really, really enjoyed hearing her speak at QuiltCon and would love to take a class with her!  Anyone else in Knoxville wanna have her here for a class?!  Maybe 2016!). But anyway-- my Tinsel by cotton and steel was begging to be cut into.  I wanted to pair it with some solids I had on hand so that I could make a lap quilt and get the curves to pop out.

Unfortunately, like Score 7 calls for 'getting lost', I played it safe and used the same cuts and layout as a quilt in the book.  My life with a newborn is crazy, lost enough so I just wanted to SEW!  And the quilt in the book is SO good!

I started by cutting 17" squares of 20 fabrics, 9 prints, 11 solids.  I wanted one more solid but ran out of solid navy so grabbed a FQ from another C&S line, matched perfectly!  Then, I paired up the 20 squares into five piles of 4 fabrics each, mixing and matching values and no more than two prints in each stack then started cutting! I'd say my favorite blocks turned out to be the two that were all solids.  Go figure.  (Keep buying prints Melissa, keep buying prints!). 

I thought piecing the odd shaped wonky blocks together would be really challenging.  I decided to piece 4 together at a time (like I did with my meadow blocks which lizzy house showed us at QuiltCon!) in a large square, two up, two down and it worked pretty well!  I wanted it to be off, just as the blocks are off, so I didn't trim, I laid the two blocks on top of each other, right sides together, making sure there was good overlap everywhere, pinned, maybe even draw a pencil line to help you with your seam line... Perfect!  Then, lined up the seam line on my mat and trimmed after two were together, so I had a straight top and bottom.  It worked well for me!  

I love the results!!  And deciding on quilting came pretty quickly -- overlapping arches!  A little late I decided to add in some other quilting patterns, which I adore, but wish I had done a couple more near the top.  I can't wait to make another improv quilt.  It was a very rewarding quilt and I started and finished in a week. I'd reccommend this book to anyone interested in improv!

Backing: 4 left over FQs from my bundle with 2 yards green star print from Juliana Horner's collection at Joann.
Finished Size (before washing): 62 in x 73 in

Trying to Keep Up

Recently, I had my second child and we've been adjusting slowly but things are going really well.  The baby is a great eater and hopefully will be sleeping longer stretches soon!  But I've decided-- I'd really like to keep up with my quilts a little better than I have been.  So, I'm hoping I can use my blog as a way to just keep track of my completions.  Currently, I've completed over 55 quilts, some mini quilts in there and lots of baby quilts.  I'll just list these in order and then, from now forward, I write dwn a little more info!

1. Eli's Bizzy Kid Quilt (Cluck Cluck Sew)
2. Harper Smith's Quilt drunkards path flowers appliqued
3. Blue and Green HST for Caroline
4. Jaxson Weaver's Quilt green and yellow
5. Coin Quilt gifted to Lauren and Rob Davis for Liam

6. Phillip Diaz memory quilt
7. Jennifer Diaz memory quilt
8. Lemonade Quilt - donated
9. peacock patchwork scrap quilt - donated
10. Ryan Mack's Quilt Wonky 9 patch
11. Night Sky Plus Quilt - 1st Show Quilt, given to my brother
12. pastel pink and green star for a baby gift for central teachers 38x38
13. Posy Quilt for Mark and Samantha 38x38
14. Crabtastic Beach Quilt 69x84
15. Caesar Stair's Delectable Mtns. Chicopee
16. Cool River Improv Mini (sold)
17. Festive Forest Plus Baby Quilt (sold)
18. Floressence Celeste gift
19. Monsterz Patchwork (sold)
20. Posy Herringbone (1st quilt sold on etsy)
21. Eli's Circus Economy Square
22. Wiley Way out to sea (sold)
23. Crown of Thorns for Grandpa Noland

24. Yellow and Blue Raccoon Baby Quilt (sold via Facebook)
25. Emery Morrell's Baby Quilt Hour Glass
26. Quilted/Finished Laurie Ball's Antique Top
27. Maya Triangle-Twin- gifted to Elsie Stair
28. Spinning Stars in Simpatico- gifted to Megan Noland
29. Quilted/Finished Laurie Ball's second antique quilt top
30. Scrappy Bear Paw - Queen (sold on Etsy)
31. Boone Luff's Sawtooth Stripe in solids
32. Field Study Starburst Cross (sold at Retropolitan)
33. Nerdy Nine Patch (sold at Retropolitan)
34. Josephine's Knot baby quilt Commissioned for Central Teachers
35. California Dreaming Paper Pieces Twin in PB&J for Julia Johnson (Caroline's mom)
36. Baby Vivenne Smith's chevron
37. Aqua Star Quilt for Spring and Steve
38. Sock Monkey Commissioned Quilt for Central Teachers
39. Rainbow Brick Scrap Quilt twin (sold on etsy)
40. Round and Round baby quilt commissioned for Megan Stair
41. Ginny Ann Reyes' Baby Quilt
42. Improv Simpatico commissioned for Amy Luff
43-44. Memory Quilts for Anna Bess Williams' children
45. Gray and Yellow Chevron commission
46. Greek Plus Puss (Rossie Pattern) in Zaza Zoo Twin gift for Jessi Edwards
47. Winged simple 5" patchwork (sold)
Hexy flowers mini
Diamond Up, Up and Away Tablerunner (Emily Doane Swap)
Coin Table runner in same fabrics sold via facebook
Feathers Mini Quilt for Eileen
Blue and Yellow Mini Quilt Arkansas Traveler
48. Modern Pinwheels in Velocity (in my shop)
49. Log Cabin Log Jam commissioned for my brother
50. Mickey Mouse Stars for the Blackburns
51. Scrappy Trip in Hadley and C&S basics commissioned for Eric Patzke

52. Scrappy Elephant Train for Jensen Long
53. Octopus Garden Asterisk Quilt for Kat and Brian Wedding Gift
54. Pacific Crest in JD Birch Farm for James' Parents
55. Mini Wonky Stars quilt for Eli and Polka
56. Megan Stair's 40th Bday Quilt
57. Mercer 9 Patch commission for Amy Luff
58. Scrappy Jewels for Cole (won 2nd in kids category at Smoky Mtn Quilters Quilt Show)
59. AMH Herringbone QAYG commissioned Julie Soward
60. Birch Organics Patchwork commissioned Julie Soward
61. Outfoxed Forest (won honorable mention in same show, for sale on etsy)
62. Giant Grandmothers Garden Hexy Queen (for sale on etsy)
63. Flying Geese Airplanes commissioned for Katherine and Brian
Mini Quilt for Lizzy House Swap-Christine Smartt
64. Where we are now!!  Let's see if I can keep them documented!