Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quilts made with clothes

I attempted, and completed two memory quilts for a dear friend of mine whose mother past away last year. I made one for him and one for his sister. I didn't really expect what I had gotten myself into, just excited for my first two commissioned pieces. (And to be able to make family heirlooms for them.)

Design has to be simple, additional fabrics necessary to hold everything together including the bathing suits he included in his clothes bag. It was a lot of work to try and stabilize everything but still had some bunching and issues... It turned out relatively well. And they loved the finished pieces. Said they never thought they'd have something like this to pass down to their kids. It was a very exciting moment giving the quilts to them. I'd do it again... Even though I said I wouldn't. Ha!

An Ode to Summer

My lemonade quilt was my ode to this hot summer, we broke record highs in Knoxville for 3 or 4 days in a row! I do not do well in hot weather... I sometimes break out in hives. No fun. I'd much rather be cold and numb, riding the chairlift up at a ski resort than sweating by just stepping out my front door.

I won all of these fabrics at my first Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild meeting! And put this quilt together to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Drive.

I practiced several different FMQ techniques. And added kona cerise for binding. I love how it turned out! The dark gray and yellow remind me of blistering hot summer pavement.

Retro Hipster Coin Quilt

After making jaxson's baby quilt I had a lot of deer valley left over. Which I turned into a coin quilt. It is for sell in my shop! It turned out so retro-hipster. I really like that description of it from my friend Megan. I thought it would be for a boy but I think it pulls a little feminine. I would love for a little girl who loves boyish things to have this one!

I did a simple wavy line free motion quilting on this one.

The back is a 30s playtime print with yellow, orange and green flowers. And some of the trimmings. Love this quilt!!  Its for sell in my shop!

Blue and green flowers quilt

This was the third quilt I started. I ended up with several blue flower fabrics in the beginning of my collecting. It turned out so pretty!! It was slow going with all of the half square triangles but the final product was so pretty. I free motion quilted it with some back and forth lines inspired by Angela Walters. This was a gift for my best friend Caroline's 30th bday.

After washing it had the most beautiful texture!

Valentine's Crafts

I think the only part I like about valentines day is the crafting! I love making things for people! I made some for my sons little parents day out class, and we just finished some up for dad, and both sets of grand parents.