Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sam's Classics Quilt

Started:  August 24, 2015
Completed:  August 31, 2015

I love making quilts for friends!  And every once and a while I get an order on etsy.  I've been hesitant to take on too much with Cole and Eli running around but several of these commissions came without a deadline.  It's exciting to know ppl are enjoying my crazy quilting obsession.  

Next up is a quilt for baby Sam.  I've just recently gotten the privilege to meet and enjoy the Eaton family.  They are very into DIY!  And Lesley makes amazing beautiful paper artwork.  (3 of which hang in Cole's room!).  This quilt is for her sister and she wanted something happy, and colorful.  I knew Lesley liked scrappy from previous convos and she'd probably be totally fine with some improv... Which makes me so excited these days!!  So I suggested a design like something I had seen in Quilt Now (mag) this month by Nick Ball.  And she went for it!  I'm so glad she did and I'm so excited to say, I've made this one completely from my stash, and even one step further, the front is made completely from scraps from my scrap bins.

Mint and Coral Triangles

My mom needed a baby quilt for her best friend's daughter, and asked for mint and coral.  She didn't really care about anything else but keep it simple, since Cole just arrived.  So, in my searching for small cuts of fabric, I found Lark Cottons.  And they cut FQs for a great price!  I settled on several prints from Hello Bear, Bonnie Christine, along with some other brighter and girly prints.

I love the combo of colors and fabrics.  I'd love to make a bigger one.  It's so pretty.  Backed with fabric from Hawthorne threads--not impressed-- but the dear are adorable, texture not so much.  Quilted with aurifil, pellon natures touch batting, started July 2015 and finished.
And I've already deleted all the photos from my phone...