Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cutting, cutting, cutting

This past Thursday, I broke my sewing machine while FMQ and had to take it to the shop.

Oh, how I miss it! I don't really have a backup... I mean, I have one but it gives me a heck of a time and I'd rather not pull all of my hair out in frustration! Ha. I've been contemplating getting something more powerful for FMQ (free motion quilting). So I've been cutting out lots if things:
Large triangles for a baby quilt, but I've fallen pretty hard for these triangles. I think it is going to be a lap quilt for ME!

Queen Bee Bag from Moda Bake Shop. Said it was 120 minutes... I'd say x3. I mean I didn't even do the patchwork part, just cut whole pieces of fabric. Once its finished it's going to hold a lot of large ackward quilting necessities.

And my spinning stars have finally been cut out using Simpatico and Hope Chest! On flickr there is a spinning stars group, Ive been very slow to start. I'm really looking forward to putting it together.

2012 Wrap Up

I fell in love with aprons after making one for my friend's daughter for her first birthday.  I decided to put them in my Etsy store... but I found that they are very time consuming!  You can find the pattern at Sew Sweet Patterns.  I made a lot of these this year, including 8 for a dance recital.  They were adorable!

This was a BIG firsts quilt, first attempt at wonky chevrons, pattern design, free motion quilting (triangles).  I just dove in and went for it.  It was for one of my dearest friend's Jessi's baby adoption.  We didn't know girl or boy, unfortunately, the quilt went a little girly and the baby is a boy!  I want more of this fabric, Maya by Leah Duncan, its mostly sold out! 

Another baby quilt, baby Jaxson's Deer Valley and some Lions and Tigers from Ed Emberly.

Round Robin with Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild.  (So glad that Emily found me via Facebook and my Etsy shop and invited me to a meeting.)  Its exciting to have Knoxville friends to talk fabric and quilts with.  (All my fabrics were pre-washed.  Do you pre-wash?)  Decided on the feathers for my center.

Wonky Star Mug Rug for my cousin Mandi who graduated from FSU with her Masters!

Lanyards for Celeste and my mom and the teachers at Central.

Pot holders for Terri and her friends in CO.

Zipper Pouches for Christmas gifts.

And lots of other things in between but I'll share those soon enough. 

About Me

Often I'm asked where did you learn to sew?  Several places I suppose, I took a sewing class in high school but didn't really excel, but learned the basics.  My mother created all of our Halloween costumes growing up, I watched her.  Her mother made most of her clothes growing up, including bathing suits, I played with her notions.  My father's mother sewed, I used her machine to make a Halloween costume in college.  I always enjoyed the final product that came from the sewing machine. 

As for quilting, I'm uneducated.  I've always been obsessed with looking at quilts.  Enjoying their beauty, their story, their fabrics.  I remember studying a quilt my great grandmother Di made and picking out favorite fabrics with my brother and sister.  (That quilt lives at my mom's, I'll try and get a picture this weekend.)  I've searched all of the blog-o-sphere to teach myself.    There is so much more I need to learn though, often saying to myself, I need to take a class.  Especially when others are asking me to show them how to quilt.  I'm just winging it friends!  Learning as I go. 

I've also dipped into the Etsy creative marketplace to sell some of my creations.  www.cyclingjanescloset.etsy.com   It started with a wine bag I made for a friend's wedding.  The wine bag has evolved from the beginning and its just so handy and FUN for travel and gifting!  They are really handy to have around when you are in a pinch.

I've slowed down on the Etsy front right now due to trying to get some quilts together for the Spring.  It seems that many of my friends are pregnant and expecting before June. 

I'm hoping to do a:
--Chicopee, Churn Dash
--Crazy Nine Patch
--Large Triangles (Maya, Leah Duncan)

Why Cycling Jane's? My friends are wondering... Since I'm Melissa Ann, my grandfather calls us girls "Jane". And I love mountain biking so, that's where cycling comes from...

I'll keep pluggin along here.  My machine has been in the shop since Thursday, giving me time to actually start this blog, I've been putting off cause I just want to SEW!

Starting Something New

So it all started about a year ago. I had just figured out breast feeding and adjusted to a new sleep schedule, when I started my first quilt for my son.

My son, Eli, was born Sept 2011 and I made it through late nights and breast feeding on my iPod, searching Etsy endlessly and staring at beautiful fabrics at Sew Fresh Fabrics. It was then, I decided I want to make him a quilt. So the fabric collecting began and it has continued.

I'm officially obsessed and in love with this community of fellow crafters, quilters and blogging. I'm still very new to it all but I want to share my creations and adventures, trials and tribulations with the rest of you out there.

This is my first quilt, pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew, the one I made for my son.  I embroidered on the back, "To: Eli My 1st Quilt Mom 2012"

Then, I took on a baby quilt for my dear friend Andy and his beautiful wife Heather. It turned out so pretty. (I almost thought about keeping it for my family!)

I've followed patterns, not followed patterns, adjusted patterns... In the beginning, I read on Amy Butler's website, modified, there is beauty in new creations, and not doing exactly what someone else has done. I also read a quote on pinterest from Promise Tangeman's blog, "Don't waste time looking for your style, the truth is you already have it, you may just have to create more in order to see it."

This is what I look forward to doing. Creating, exploring, challenging and making myself happy through new friendships, education and a love for fabric, color, design and quilting.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you'll join me for some adventures, a drink, a quilt, a new obsession!