Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cutting, cutting, cutting

This past Thursday, I broke my sewing machine while FMQ and had to take it to the shop.

Oh, how I miss it! I don't really have a backup... I mean, I have one but it gives me a heck of a time and I'd rather not pull all of my hair out in frustration! Ha. I've been contemplating getting something more powerful for FMQ (free motion quilting). So I've been cutting out lots if things:
Large triangles for a baby quilt, but I've fallen pretty hard for these triangles. I think it is going to be a lap quilt for ME!

Queen Bee Bag from Moda Bake Shop. Said it was 120 minutes... I'd say x3. I mean I didn't even do the patchwork part, just cut whole pieces of fabric. Once its finished it's going to hold a lot of large ackward quilting necessities.

And my spinning stars have finally been cut out using Simpatico and Hope Chest! On flickr there is a spinning stars group, Ive been very slow to start. I'm really looking forward to putting it together.

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