Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Starting Something New

So it all started about a year ago. I had just figured out breast feeding and adjusted to a new sleep schedule, when I started my first quilt for my son.

My son, Eli, was born Sept 2011 and I made it through late nights and breast feeding on my iPod, searching Etsy endlessly and staring at beautiful fabrics at Sew Fresh Fabrics. It was then, I decided I want to make him a quilt. So the fabric collecting began and it has continued.

I'm officially obsessed and in love with this community of fellow crafters, quilters and blogging. I'm still very new to it all but I want to share my creations and adventures, trials and tribulations with the rest of you out there.

This is my first quilt, pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew, the one I made for my son.  I embroidered on the back, "To: Eli My 1st Quilt Mom 2012"

Then, I took on a baby quilt for my dear friend Andy and his beautiful wife Heather. It turned out so pretty. (I almost thought about keeping it for my family!)

I've followed patterns, not followed patterns, adjusted patterns... In the beginning, I read on Amy Butler's website, modified, there is beauty in new creations, and not doing exactly what someone else has done. I also read a quote on pinterest from Promise Tangeman's blog, "Don't waste time looking for your style, the truth is you already have it, you may just have to create more in order to see it."

This is what I look forward to doing. Creating, exploring, challenging and making myself happy through new friendships, education and a love for fabric, color, design and quilting.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you'll join me for some adventures, a drink, a quilt, a new obsession!


  1. your quilts are lovely! looking forward to making some with you in the haven circle!

    1. Thanks Elaine! I'm looking forward to it as well!