Tuesday, January 29, 2013

About Me

Often I'm asked where did you learn to sew?  Several places I suppose, I took a sewing class in high school but didn't really excel, but learned the basics.  My mother created all of our Halloween costumes growing up, I watched her.  Her mother made most of her clothes growing up, including bathing suits, I played with her notions.  My father's mother sewed, I used her machine to make a Halloween costume in college.  I always enjoyed the final product that came from the sewing machine. 

As for quilting, I'm uneducated.  I've always been obsessed with looking at quilts.  Enjoying their beauty, their story, their fabrics.  I remember studying a quilt my great grandmother Di made and picking out favorite fabrics with my brother and sister.  (That quilt lives at my mom's, I'll try and get a picture this weekend.)  I've searched all of the blog-o-sphere to teach myself.    There is so much more I need to learn though, often saying to myself, I need to take a class.  Especially when others are asking me to show them how to quilt.  I'm just winging it friends!  Learning as I go. 

I've also dipped into the Etsy creative marketplace to sell some of my creations.  www.cyclingjanescloset.etsy.com   It started with a wine bag I made for a friend's wedding.  The wine bag has evolved from the beginning and its just so handy and FUN for travel and gifting!  They are really handy to have around when you are in a pinch.

I've slowed down on the Etsy front right now due to trying to get some quilts together for the Spring.  It seems that many of my friends are pregnant and expecting before June. 

I'm hoping to do a:
--Chicopee, Churn Dash
--Crazy Nine Patch
--Large Triangles (Maya, Leah Duncan)

Why Cycling Jane's? My friends are wondering... Since I'm Melissa Ann, my grandfather calls us girls "Jane". And I love mountain biking so, that's where cycling comes from...

I'll keep pluggin along here.  My machine has been in the shop since Thursday, giving me time to actually start this blog, I've been putting off cause I just want to SEW!

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