Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baby Quilts

I've been on a roll lately with some commissioned baby quilts!  My mom asked me to make a quilt for a teacher she works with as a group gift.  I came up with a simple design after seeing Jeni's tutorial.  She just said light pink and light green.

I backed the quilt with a Kaffe Fasset stripe and the leftovers of the FQs I used on the front. Then, free motion quilted with a infinity loop.  I have also decided Quilter's Dream batting is my batting of choice.  It's so worth the extra $$!!  All of the quilts I've used it on are so incredibly soft to the touch.  I love it.    I have a custom listing for a quilt like this in my shop!

For the next baby quilt, my friends Mark and Samantha asked me to make them a quilt for their niece.  They told me pink and green (again) and so we decided on Posy by Aneela Hoey.

While driving one day I came up this design and jotted it down real quick on my son's index cards.  

I backed this one with a print from lizzy house's hello pilgrim, bound it with the text print from posy, quilted it with a meandering loop.  Again using quilters dream, and again SO soft.  It was so pretty!

And then the third one was for a friend of he family.  She needed a baby boy quilt.  That was all the direction I received.  So, I went with Allison Cole's, Festive Forest.  I  did four large pluses after much turmoil and changing my mind... Luckily I enjoy using leftovers for backing.  The back of this quilt I like better than the front!


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  1. I am so making that giant star! Love the pink and green! Thanks for posting the tutorial link!