Monday, September 19, 2016

Dabbling in Dye

I've recently taken an interest in playing with some new ideas in my quilts.  Everything from screenprinting to dyeing. It started with an idea to make a watercolor quilt.  

It hasn't been as easy to get started as I had hoped.  Lots of new supplies needed before getting to the sewing machine.  So, I've collected screen printing supplies, Procion dyes, lots of crazy chemicals that go with the dyes, dye-na-flow, paintbrushes, odd extra items from the kitchen... And the list goes on.  Now, hopefully I can put all of this stuff to work.    It's time consuming and you need space to work... And children are a bad idea to try and work with or around.  

I had some friends over a couple Saturdays ago and we tested some techniques.  Tie dyeing, ice dyeing, and dyenaflow.  I have sooo many ideas and a craft fair coming up in November -- so -- I'm trying to wrap my head around new ideas, quickly!

I'm really looking forward to trying more techniques, and color combos!  Tomorrow, I'm hoping to paint with dyenaflow.  I have a palette picked out and just need to decide on design?!  Ahhh!!  Never enough time and ALL the ideas.  (I also just read you can paint with the Procion dyes so I may do that too!--just that small detail about soda ash.)

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