Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rainbow Sawtooth Star and Greek Plus

I just finished reading the article from the MQG about derivative quilts and I'm perplexed and discouraged and I'm sure many others of you are too.  I just think this is too far.  --- but that's a whole other blog entry.

I really wanted to share with you this Lizzy House Rainbow quilt I finished early this year!

Started:  February 2016
Finished:  March 2016
Fabrics:  80 Lizzy House charms from our guild swap, plus a couple other prints to round out the rainbow, cotton couture soft white.
Batting: Pellon, Nature's Touch, 100% cotton with scrim, white
Backing: Lizzy House tonal Pearl bracelet
Binding: scrappy Lizzy house remnants
Thread: aurifil 50, 2021
FMQ meander pattern

I started this quilt making HST out of my 5" charms from a guild swap.  I wasn't really paying any attention to colors or values just started piecing them together so I could play with the HST shape.  I decided on sawtooth stars in color groupings.  While I was piecing these, I decided I didn't like the empty space between the stars so I added 4.5" sawtooth stars.

Then, I wanted it to be a little bigger, and the plus shape created by sawtooth star caught my eye... I wanted to repeat that shape.  So then I took the rest of my charms and made 4.5" pluses!

I pieces those as a border in rainbow order and also thinking about the values of the prints.  

There's a 2.5" strip between the stars and pluses and then, the pluses and binding.  This quilt is for sale in my etsy shop!

One more blogged another bazillion to go.  JK 

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