Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nerdy Nine Patch Tutorial

Well, I just completed a quilt in under a week's time!  It was a simple one but great for using up some FQs of your favorite prints that are just sitting on your shelf waiting for you to cut into.  I purchased a Geekly Chic Bundle from Stash Fabrics a while ago and then Geekly Chic Returns just came out with some new prints, so I added in some high tops, cameras and swatch watches (my fave) to round out the assortment.  In a last minute decision to create one more quilt before the upcoming craft fair this Saturday, I knew it had to be a quick, simple design.  And that is how Nerdy Nine Patch came to be.

Here's what you need to make a nice lap size quilt:  (after washing mine measures at 63inx63in)

11 Print  FQs
5 Coordinating Solid FQs

Cut each FQ into 9-6" squares

For each nine patch block you will need 5 of the same fabric and 4 of the same fabric, therefore cutting 9 of each FQ will yield each fabric to be in two blocks.  You need 16 total blocks, for a 4x4 layout.  (Of course I cut too many solids and had extra to play around with)

Next, lay out your 9 patch blocks with high contrasting fabrics to create each block.  Think about the values when making your blocks especially the ones that don't have a solid.  Only 10 of the 16 nine patch blocks will have a solid.

Sew your 6" squares into 9 patch blocks together.  Press.  The blocks should measure at 17" unfinished.  Press, then rearrange until you are happy with your layout.  Mine changed from the beginning layout to the final.

Lastly, sew all your 9 patch blocks together. Press, baste, quilt, bind, wash!

I just thought I'd share an easy one with very little waste!  

Happy SPRING sewing!  
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  1. cute! i didn't know that there was a sequel to geekly chic. i loved the first line.